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Jack’s latest crush…

This column is easy! Sitting in the gardens behind my house and sipping what could be the definitive white of the summer – vino verde. Vino verde, which translates as “green wine” is young, fresh, slightly fizzy and low in alcohol, typically around eight percent. Each half decade or so a wine will capture the imaginations of the wine drinking masses who want quality and value. I believe it’s vino verde’s time. Other than their ports, this is Portugal’s new cash crop. Move over Mateus! Fresh, thirst quenching and around $7.95 a bottle. This is the official wine of mid day bocce tournaments, or mid day anything for that matter. Very much like how summer should be – uncomplicated, pleasant, relaxing, and uncomplicated. I’m off to sip and head into the gardens. A perfect end to a summer day!