A Turn in the Road

“Breathe the sweetness that hovers in August.” – Denise Levertov

August has always been the month of events, concerts, and gatherings that we voraciously inhale to get in as many summer activities as we can before the start of school and the cooler days ahead.

 Not so this year. We find ourselves enjoying the simple pleasures of family and the great outdoors while the world is on a holding pattern. Believe me there is no better place to be than right here to enjoy the “new normal” summer. The best playground around is literally at our feet and nature is our greatest entertainer.

 Here at the store we are slowly adapting and expanding our hours and the number of people allowed in the store. It’s so uplifting having our friends perusing the aisles again.

   A huge hit this summer has been our bakery’s ice cream sandwiches. They roll out on lobster roll day (Friday).

   We continue to take phone orders for breakfast and lunch or you can order at our deli window. We’re trying to cover all the bases to make your shopping experience a safe and pleasant one.

  This is certainly Rose season and time to think and drink pink! A new edition to our selection is Rose All Day in cans. This is a delicious blend of bone dry rise from southern France with a touch of grapefruit seltzer. If anything screams summer this is it!

Believe it or not Colleen is back at it making chicken pot pies! Usually reserved for the cooler months they are back by popular demand. Give us a call for availability.

Lori here from Upstairs. Things are so different this year, as we all know. I am focusing my buying on toys, puzzles, games and art supplies for all ages to keep stay at home families engaged and occupied. There are journals and cards for any occasion. Will the kids go back to school? Who knows yet. You can help them learn at home with flash cards and drawing activities. We have pool toys and rafts for hot summer fun. There are beautiful clothes and accessories for those of you who may be going to scaled down weddings and events. Kimono Clips continue to be very popular. We have comfort clothing and tops for our new Zooming, stay at home to work, world. Fall clothing will be arriving this month as well in a more limited way. There is a lot of colder weather clothing on sale. Summer sale continues downstairs on the racks with discounts up to 75% off. We’re open and looking forward to seeing you.

“Retire from work, but not from life” – M. K. Soni

August 31st will be my last day at the Warren Store. Initially I planned to retire on Memorial Day Weekend. That would have marked to the day 40 years at the store- I started on Memorial Day Weekend in 1980. I thought that it would be a timely and fitting way to close the chapter on being the steward of this funky old building. As we all know life happens when you make plans and life happened in an unprecedented way with the pandemic. I agreed to stay on for 3 months to help the store get on it’s feet and now here we are.

 Although this was my decision alone it truly is bittersweet. Blood, sweat, and tears are literally in those creaky floorboards. Barbara, (the phantom manager of the store!), said that time is our new currency. Boom! It’s time appreciate family, friends, and pursue interests that I’ve shelved for a while.

 No regrets. This has been a rewarding work life. Social interaction, problem solving, always learning something new-every day is a different discovery.

 I loved the controlled chaos of the store but I’ll miss the quiet moments as well. Waking up the store early in the morning and enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck before the store opens. Putting the store to bed at the end of the day on a winter evening when the village is wrapped in a surreal calm and quiet. These moments are magical and memorable.

  My deepest thanks go to the Smith family for giving me the opportunity and trust to preside over the store. I will be forever grateful. My time at the store was greatly impacted by previous owner Carol Lippincott who elevated the culture and vibe of the Warren Store when she purchased it in 1969.

  The reason why I’ve stayed at the store so long is you – the customers, staff, and friends who support, work, and visit this wonderful old store. I’ve met so many friends and have so many memorable experiences. Watching the valley through the prism of our customers and staff over the years has been so rewarding.

  Every day I have been fortunate to have my friends visit me at my job. Who has that kind of benefit at work!!!

 An old story that I made up about how I started- I stopped in for a cup of coffee and never left – isn’t quite how it happened. Now that I’m retired I may stop in the store for a cup of coffee and never leave!

  I’m looking forward to my next chapter and looking forward to the store’s next chapter.

 Not the end of the road, just a turn in the road.
  Love you all – thank you! – Jack