A taste of the Taste…

“Taste of the Valley”
                                                     Aug. 5th, 2013
                                                Sugarbush GateHouse
     Where do I begin?  I love my job.  I have been working in the Warren Store deli for 5 years now.  I have not attended this special event until this year.  I was very excited to go to represent our store and just have fun after a very busy day at work.
     When I arrived I could not wait to see what the evening would bring.  The vendors were busy setting up their tables, so I walked around taking pictures of them before the crowd ventured in.  I walked around outside too, to take photos of the flowers and mountain as well….. BEAUTIFUL!  The weather was perfect and I knew whoever joined up for this event would have a great night. 

     It was so nice to see customers outside my workplace, that I see (almost) everyday.  I stood at our Warren Store table with my manager Colleen and my co-worker Lauren.  Colleen prepared a (chilled) “Melon~Basil soup” and Lauren spent the day preparing “Pea Dumplings”.  Both were so delicious and many compliments were received.  Our Bakery also presented their “Chocolate Mousse”, which made our Warren Store “Tasting” complete.  I am very proud to be part of this local  and well~known business.
     I took many pictures during the evening, and gave our store manager Jack (Garvin) a copy CD of my photos to post on our Warren Store Facebook.  If you are a part of the Facebook world, you should check them out.
     All I can say to sum up my fun evening is this~If you went, I know you had a great time.  BUT~if you have not come up to the mountain to enjoy our Valley’s food during “The Taste”, you really should one day.  GREAT FOOD~GREAT WINE~GREAT FRIENDS and absolutely a GREAT TIME!
     Enjoy the rest of your summer~~~Foliage is just around the corner, and I will see you in the deli!

                                                   ~*~  Mary Ellen  ~*~