Active August


“Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.”

-Eddie Cochran

Apparently Eddie Cochran hasn’t been to Vermont, especially the Mad River Valley. Between being an outdoor enthusiast’s Mecca, the Festival of the Arts, activities at the two ski areas, and restaurant and retail events, the Mad River Valley is teeming with so many things to do each day that it presents the pleasant dilemma of what to choose every day!

The Warren Store will certainly be doing our part! We are providing dessert at the From the Ocean to the Mountain lobster bake on Sunday, August 6th. This is the signature fund raising event for the Valley’s Festival of the Arts and a departure from the Taste of the Valley event. Change is good! Come out and enjoy and support this new look event. Peace in the Valley, our local homey band, will keep things simmering.

Our 14th Annual Pie Eating contest will start roughly at 1:30 on Saturday, August 12th. Kids of all ages are welcomed to compete. It’s been all about the young kids in recent years so moms and dads -bring your “A” game! Just show up in front of the store around 1 pm. It is free to participate and there are prizes for the winners!

On Monday, August 14th, our bakery staff is conducting a pizza making class for kids at 4:30. The cost is $10 and limited to 10 people. You can sign up at the store.

And then there’s beer! We’re tasting Vermont artisanal beers on Saturday August, 12th from 1-4 pm right after the pie eating contest.

On Saturday, August 19th, we will be hosting another Vermont beer tasting from 1-4 pm.

Phil does a great job with keeping us well stocked with all of the signature local favorites and finds the new cutting edge brews as well. We now have enough Sip of Sunshine to last the whole week and a new Lawson beer, Super Session # 8 will be released on Thirstday, August 3rd!

You can get here from there! Yes, summer is construction season everywhere and Main Street Warren, is no exception. The Main Street project is complete and everyone is warming up to parking however way they want – just like the old days! The gentrification project turned out well and now the bridge is being reinforced. We apologize for any inconvenience but it really has been easy to get into the village. One lane of traffic over the bridge should begin by Saturday August 5th with completion in another week or so.

Congratulations to our friends at Vermont Farmstead Cheese. Their Lille and Governor’s Cheddar won big in the World Series of Cheese in Colorado last week. Colleen and her deli staff will put their best foot forward in their 5th annual Mac and Cheese competition on Saturday, September 9th. Our next batch of Sip of Sunshine cheddar, made by Vermont Farmstead, should be available in October.

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability”
-Sam Keen

Now I’m not advocating that you pack every single waking minute with something to do. I try to do that and I can’t keep up with myself! It’s good to chill – go up to the lake, the Long Trail, or one of the many beach spots along the river. And bring a Warren Store lunch!

Then there’s our deck! Old friends meet and new friendships are forged out there. If there was ever a location to map out your day, the deck is the place to start. Stop by and enjoy breakfast or lunch or stop by and for a Kingdom Creamery ice cream.

Upstairs, we begin the big transformation! As fall merchandise rolls in, spring must roll out. So the sale racks are full of great bargains on clothes you can wear now! Instant gratification. There are new clothing lines coming in such as Amma, Adore, BK Moda and more. Effie’s Heart is returning and Chalet is back. For men, Madison Creek is a must see, reversible vests and jackets in goat leather, waxed cotton and wool flannel.

I met a talented young designer from Johnson, VT, Alexandra of The Gypsy Trove. We are planning to have her in the store soon for a trunk show, stay tuned! The Valley’s own Annemarie Furey will be in the store on Saturday, August 26th with her new line of sweaters and dresses.

We’ll be carrying herbal salves, salts and creams from Heidi of the Tiny Tea House. Her Knit Balm is a magical elixir for healing bruises, sprains, broken bones, etc. They will be a nice addition to our growing collection of locally made personal care products along with Vert Mont Perfumes, Green Village Soaps and Breathe Essentials.

There are lots of new and exciting things upstairs in addition to tried and true favorites. The toy department is as full as I’ve ever seen it with summertime fun for all ages! Come on up!

If you’re traveling Interstate 89 Northbound into Vermont, stop in to the Guilford Welcome Center to see our Warren Store display. It’s a beautiful facility!

We’re a tight community here and that’s what makes the Valley so special. When there’s change, births, deaths, we all feel it. We hire school kids during the summer and many keep coming back! When they leave it’s always bittersweet. We’re very fortunate to have them here for a few months but it’s very sad when they go. All the best as they head back to the ivy halls of academia!

The Roberts family will be moving back to Massachusetts at the end of this month. Melissa had worked here for over ten years and Emily and Jake have worked here as well. Jake still mans the grill on Wednesday and Saturdays during the summer. I speak for the entire staff in wishing Jabo, Melissa, Emily, and Jake all the best.

Joan Wilson, proprietor of the Waitsfield Wine Shoppe, passed away recently. Our thoughts and prayers go out to John, her family, and friends.

This month’s “under our noses” selection is any spot in the Valley where you can get a panoramic view of the night skies for the Perseid meteor showers these first two weeks of August. My favorite spots are up at Waitsfield Commons and on top of Bragg Hill at the bench at # 9 Hill Road where the iconic Bragg Hill barn is located. This year is being hyped as one of the best in many years. You need to stay up late. Enjoy this special month even if you do have to pack in every moment. We can rest in September!

To the best customers ever!