April’s Promise

“Why are people so tired on April 1st? Because they just finished a 31 day March!”


Did we ever! Despite having to sharpen our driving and shoveling skills with the back to back to back Nor’ Easters, the snow was a welcomed sight for winter enthusiasts and the ski areas.

Now what are we going to do?! April is such a fickle in-between month. All bets are off when deciding how to map out your month! But there are a few things that happen in April that we can all count on: Maple syrup! Our long time suppliers, Dwayne Braman and Highland Sugarworks, along with a few newer suppliers like Runamok, Woods, and Rock Maple Mountain will be filling our shelves in the next few weeks with Vermont liquid gold! I’m particularly keen on a new supplier, Rock Maple Mountain. I got to try their product at the New England Gift and Food Show and their syrup tasted like it collided with crème brûlée! Nothing added- just pure Vermont maple syrup, but what a flavor! Of course you can never go wrong with any Vermont maple syrup.

Rose wines! Yes April does give us some teasing porch and patio days and what better way to enjoy spring’s sun and winter’s chill than with a glass of rose. We’ll have the largest selection ever coming in through the month of April and featuring Whispering Angel. This is one of the truly great rose wines out there today. Not too long ago few people were willing to invest over $20 for a rose wine. It speaks to the rising popularity of the style that wine lovers are experimenting with high priced rose. We do have plenty of very good and reasonably priced ones as well. Think pink!

The vestibule comes down! Our little version of the outhouse on the ice, the vestibule is a symbol for many of when winter starts and spring begins. We don’t get too many volunteers to help us put it up in November but we have to turn people away when we take it down in April. Why is that?!!!

Upstairs, April means NEW! New clothing, new jewelry, new cards and a new Salesperson! Lisa Schermerhorn has joined our team Upstairs and we’re delighted to have her! Lisa has a Retail Management degree from Simmons College and will be a valuable addition. You can find her Upstairs on Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Sundays. The spring clothing is beautiful, wearable and plentiful! There are dresses for summer weddings and parties, embroidered jeans, tees and tanks. We have bug repellent treated clothing for both men and women from Toad and Co. and Kuhl. We’ll beat those nasty ticks one way or another! The sale rack is loaded with last season’s clothing all at 50% off and we’re planning a Mega Tent Sale for the last weekend of April.

“April weather- rain and sunshine both together.”

– English Country Saying

I am deeply honored to have received the person of the year award from our local Rotary. It is truly an honor living in this special community where so many individuals, businesses, and organizations give and do so much to help others. This community believes that there is a mutual shared responsibility and duty to take action in dealing with the issues and problems that so many of us deal with daily. The Rotary is an organization that personifies that philosophy.

This month’s “under our noses” choice is the local rotary and all of you out there that do the good work that makes this community so special. Thanks for all that you do. That’s something you can count on in April and every other month!

“April is a promise that May is bound to keep.”

-Hal Borland

To the best customers ever!