Cheers to a New Year!



“One thing about cold weather- it brings out the statistician in everyone.”
-Paul Theroux

“I had 8 below.” I’ve got you beat- I have 15 below.” Yadda yadda.
Baby it’s cold outside! No question this winter has started out like a
lion and there’s no end in sight. How ironic that some of the best early
skiing in years hasn’t been fully enjoyed because of the cold weather. But
the snow isn’t going anywhere and neither are we! Our wood stove Burnie has
been the little engine that could these days and I invite you to stop by and
pay homage to the high priest of heat!

Why make resolutions? If you don’t make them then you don’t break them.
Sage advice perhaps but trying something new for the new year is one of
those resolutions that’s open ended and not a daily restriction. And
learning is always good.

For these cold evenings something new could be our new line of wines from
Cheers to Change- Proud Pour. We have an Oregon Pinot Noir that, when a
bottle is purchased, provides 875 wildflowers so bees can pollinate
providing a healthier habitat and keep us fed. Bees pollinate about a third
of the food we eat. We also have a delicious Sauvignon Blanc from Mendocino
County. The purchase of each bottle helps in restoring oyster reefs. One
oyster cleans 30 gallons of water a day and their shells are recycled to
build reefs. A little altruism and some damn good wine drinking sounds like
a perfect resolution to me!

While the holiday weeks have left us full of cheese and wondering what
day it is we still need to eat. Our comfort food from the deli is amazing-
shepard’s pie, lasagna, burritos, Mac and cheese with a twist( try something
new, remember!) like buffalo chicken or kale infused Mac and cheese. Big rib
sticking meals that get you out of the kitchen and in front of the fire. If
your resolution is weight loss and health for this new year there’s a
Japanese phrase, hara hachi bu, which essentially means stop eating when
you’re 80% full. This cultural practice of calorie restriction and mindful
eating is way better than giving up cookie, chocolate, pizza, or wine!

New for this year- Focalbanger from the Alchemist! Beginning this
Tuesday we’ll be getting a few cases of the highly sought after beer along
with Heady Topper. We want to share the wealth so, like Heady Topper, it’s a
two 4-pack limit per person.

Upstairs, we’re thinking January means “Out with the Old, In with the
New”! Our clothing racks are thinning out; the empty hangers piling up in
the back room! Watch for deeper discounts on winter clothing and new
merchandise arriving! Still plenty of warm layers like K.Bell fleece
leggings and Save the Duck puffy jackets. There are still hats and gloves
left from Skida and Lauer. Cashmere Dress Toppers from Claudia Nichole are
the accessory du jour! Great for traveling and layering whether a sunny
climb or the bitter cold northeast! We’re having a “White Sale in
housewares: 50% off white porcelain serving platters, handmade in North
Carolina in many shapes and sizes. 40% off Holiday cards and gift wrap, a
good time to stock up for next year!

This month’s tastings will feature SAP water (a refreshing and hydrating
beverage made from Vermont maple sap water), Yerba Matte, an exciting
alternative to caffeine- (you don’t get the jangling effects!), and Fat Toad
Caramel Sauce, my personal favorite coffee sweetener. Join us over Martin
Luther King weekend to try these “outside the box” products! Try something

This month’s ” right under our noses” pick in the Mad River Valley are
Ole’s Cross Country Center and Blueberry Lake Cross Country Center. Situated
high above the valley corridor these two ski areas provide outstanding views
of the mountains and valley. There’s a variety of terrain to suit everyone
and what can you say about Josh at Ole’s and Leonard and his family at
Blueberry Lake. One day they need to have a connecting trail- their systems
are so close to each other now!

“Good bye 2017. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”
-A good friend who shall remain nameless!

This past year has certainly been a challenging one at so many levels. We
all need to remember that there are a lot of people out there that quietly
and purposefully do the good work day in and day out. They don’t get the
attention that they deserve. Maybe a good resolution for all of us is to
recognize and appreciate that quiet hero and perhaps be one ourselves.
From all of us here at the Warren Store we wish all of you a happy,
exciting, and healthy new year. Get out there and try something new!

“January is the month for daydreaming.”
-Jean Hersey