Cheers to a New Year

Oh the pressure to turn it all around on January 1st. No more holiday
treats. Physical fitness. Financial fitness. Less stress. More free time.
There’s a million mandates that we impose on ourselves because the new year
offers us a clean slate, and they’re all good. I’ve yet to hear of anyone wanting
to gain 25 pounds or increase their smoking. If we approach each day,
instead of a whole year, as a clean slate we might actually have more
success with all of those noble pursuits. When you remove the pressure, you
remove the failure.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
-Oprah Winfrey

That being said, we at the Warren Store continue to be notorious
resolution busters! Not really- it’s all about balance, quality of
life, and being good to yourself. And we’re pretty good at providing all three.
As we regroup after a busy holiday season our attentions go to how we can
be better this year. Last year was a breakthrough year for us. More people ,
more families, more new friends, and publicity through a variety of social
and media outlets. But the best advertising is word of mouth and we got a
lot of that. We are so appreciative of our Warren Store family and your
patronage and kind words. We owe you. And our gratitude to you is our
resolution. Every day.

This has been quite a start to winter (or should I say won’ter). A
challenge to be sure but the creative spirit is alive and well up on the
mountain and in the valley corridor and the people that come to ski here
have discovered another depth of diversity that this valley can provide. We
can offer so much more even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

This month’s “under our noses” pick is Bragg Hill. You climb up that
steep road and you are rewarded with a uniquely spectacular view of the
valley looking south down the valley corridor. All the mountains are right
there and so is the iconic Bragg Hill barn. Park at the cemetery and walk
the network of roads up there and enjoy the fabulous panoramas that Bragg
Hill offers.

             Enjoy the snow, all the new Christmas books and gifts, and settle into what is going to be a great winter. Come in and stand around Burnie, our wood stove, for a while. It’s where great minds meet and mittens dry!

To the best customers in the world