February News

“I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.”                              

George Washington

“Walk slowly but never walk backwards.”          

Abraham Lincoln

February is a month of many meanings. A celebration of our iconic Presidents who defined and shaped this country with a vision that is nothing less than extraordinary. It’s the month of romance and rekindling a fire (both literally and figuratively) with Valentine’s Day. It’s a month that is firmly situated in winter but offers subtle reminders that there is another season to be welcomed very soon. The sun is higher in the sky, it’s brighter longer, and the chilled to the bone weather is behind us.

We can all prepare our spring vacation plans and think about prepping the gardens, but for now February is winter recreation at its best! Get out there!

“Without Valentine’s Day February would be ……well, January!”        Jim Gaffigan

February is a very busy and exciting month Upstairs at the Warren Store! New merchandise is arriving daily for spring and there’s so much on sale! Valentine’s Day is a good time to give your special someones tokens of your love and appreciation! In that vein we have gifts in all price ranges from heart shaped pendants on long chains to funny, cute or beautiful socks. There are flour sacking dish towels with heart motifs and Skida hats with hearts. Perfume is always a lovely gift idea and Donna Christen of Vert Mont Perfumery will be here with her goodies on Sunday, 2/12 from 1-3 pm along with a Prosecco tasting. There will be plenty of Quayl’s chocolate on hand as well and all sparkling wines will be 15% off from 2/1-2/14. Tulip bouquets will be available from 2/10-2/14. We are the Love Shack!

For Presidents’ Week, 2/19-2/26 we are celebrating Vermont artists and vendors. On Sunday morning, 2/19 you can taste the Mad River Valley’s very own Good Food Mix, a super food that will start your morning off right!  After lunch we’ll be sampling the fine local wines, hard ciders, and blackberry cassis from Boyden Valley Vineyards and Orchards from 1-5 pm. President’s Day will be Trivia Monday! All day long you may be asked a question about two of our greatest presidents – that would be Abraham Lincoln and George Washington – and the right answer could get you prizes ranging from a cup of coffee and a cookie to gift certificates and/or lunch. Put on your thinking stovepipe hats!  On Tuesday, 2/21 local jewelry artist Alix, of AlixandraBarronDesigns will be here from 2-5 pm with her fabulous, up-cycled collection of bicycle tire jewelry. Meet the artist and hear her stories. Wednesday, 2/22 our Vermont made Ibex brand rep, Nancy Andrews will be here from 2-5 pm to tell you why wool is the best fabric for everything! All Ibex in the store will be on sale. Thursday, 2/23 is Darn Tough Sock Day! Discounts, raffles, and Lawson’s Beer will be on hand for your tasting pleasure from 2-5 pm. On Saturday, 2/25 the Brewers from Hogback Mountain over in Bristol, Vermont will be on hand to sample out their delicious and eclectic assortment of brews. Apres ski is happening Upstairs at the Warren Store!

The bakery and deli staff are doing their mightiest to assure you that the calories that you expended playing outside will be recouped in their tasty pies, cookies, assorted bars, and cookies. And if you find yourself melting into the upholstery after a big ski day you can count on Colleen to have a variety of creative comfort food on hand to keep it simple and savory!

February is the border between winter and spring. No need to build a wall and separate the two – this special month showcases the attributes of all!

“Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble.”       George Washington

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”      Abraham Lincoln

To the best customers in the world!