Here’s to October


 “The end of summer is not the end of the world. Here’s to October…” –  AA Milne

October is a month of enjoying summer activities on crisp clear days and enjoying the creature comforts of the fall months without the guilt! Worlds are colliding in a very good way!

A day spent hiking, cycling, kayaking, or exploring during the day and rewarding yourself at the end of the day with the seasonal culinary pleasures is such a great slice of life!

October is the month of slices and we invite you to enjoy our slice smorgasbord selection of local and fresh made items. Slices (or whole) of apple pie, mixed berry pies, chicken pot pies and assorted local cheeses and breads. The store is a sensory overload during the month of October.  The smell of fresh coffee mingled with the aromas of hot cider and hot soups and comfort food meals.  Walk upstairs and stand on the landing and your nose will experience a virtual tour of our daily deli activities.

This month of bounty and harvest is a time to showcase some of the many local products crafted by our friends. On this busy Columbus Day Weekend we will have a variety of tastings and demos ranging from tasty health bars to CBD products to Probiotic cereal and local cheeses.  There is no better time to visit the store (or any other country store for that matter!) than in October.

‘Even if something is left undone everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn….” –   Elizabeth Lawrence

Lori here from Upstairs:  I have just returned from a 10 day odyssey in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. What an amazing country we have!  Incredible landscapes, rock formations and colors to delight the senses.  BUT!  So happy to return to Vermont, especially at this time of year when our vistas assert themselves with incomparable beauty!  As for shopping, I have to say that in all the galleries and specialty shops I visited in Denver, Boulder and Sedona, I kept thinking that the gift and clothing selection we have here at the Warren Store is more appealing and shopper friendly than anything I saw! Shameless self promotion?  Perhaps but…the store is so full and lush with the rich colors of Autumn in soft, cozy fabrics! There is new Zutano to fill out our baby nook. Hats, gloves, scarves and ponchos abound, perfect for transitional weather.  We have done some rearranging Upstairs to accommodate all of this bounty, you will have to come and see for yourselves.  We are also ready for holiday gift giving needs with cards, candles, snow globes and gift wrap.  Always free gift wrapping! (something else they don’t do out west!)

I have the nightmarish task of sampling many wines to determine what to carry in the store- somebody has to do it!  I look forward to the transition from light thirst quenching wines to warmer smoother red wines that are compatible with the foods of the season.  Wine is an agricultural product first and foremost and an integral contributor to any meal, whether a simple offering for two or an ornate dinner with friends. There’s so much good wine out there that doesn’t break the bank.  We have plenty of new selections that I’m excited about but Portuguese wines are really resonating with me.  Made from a variety of red grapes that you and I have never heard of, these red blends offer great value and complement a range of foods.  We carry Cabriz and Colossal and these two wines from Portugal are true overachievers, receiving high praise from the Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.  Usually I keep ratings from publications at arm’s length – everyone is their own best wine expert- you like what you like!  But they are spot on with their accolades for these.  Stop by to try these beauties.  It’s fun to drink outside the box!

 I love this time of year.  Even though we open and close the store in the dark these days (we’ll be closing every day at 6pm beginning November 1st) there’s something very comforting on a primal level about this season as we prepare for the winter months.  October is certainly a grand finale. Vermont offers a fireworks display of color and wonder that’s unprecedented. Even those of us who are fortunate enough to live here every day never tire of nature’s spectacular display.

This month’s “under our noses” shout out is easy – the entire Valley and its inhabitants. The shared enthusiasm and appreciation that we all have for the Valley is no more evident than when I hear first time visitors asking locals about peak color, favorite spots and suggested routes to travel.  The conversations are fun and create a brief bond between those of us who live here and those who come to Vermont to experience our wonderfully unique season.  There is no shortage of opinions and enthusiasm that we share with pride for this very special corner of the world we live in. Those conversations, however brief, are the best souvenirs that our visitors take home!

Our community, like the hillsides, is on fire!

“In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October.”   –   Alexander Smith


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