Beer with Me…

This is my maiden voyage into the world of hops. These last few years, during the rise in popularity of so many great ARTisanal brews, I’ve had the benefit of having Hophead Phil Marston working at the store and I could defer to him. Phil has done a great job in building our selection and he promises that he’ll hold my hand through this new endeavor. Being the wine guy I was happy to see that beer too has all of those outlandish, comical and spot on descriptors for their flavor profiles. I’m going to like this!

We all know Sean’s brews. He truly is the man and there isn’t a more deserving person to achieve the success he has enjoyed. Sean recently collaborated with Jack’s Abby from Framingham, Massachusetts, and put together a Smoked Maple Lager.  Made with specially smoked malt with hand sourced wood from Vermont and brewed with one gallon of maple syrup per barrel, this beer has been flying off the shelves here at the store.

We also carry Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union and Private Rye as well.  They are outstanding new brews from this young rising star in the hop world. Jack’s Abby also grows hops at the Hendler Farm in Vermont, and grows pumpkins and squash for their seasonal brews there as well.

Sometime shortly down the road the Warren Store will have their own signature Lawson’s Finest brew. It will be a brew that captures the vibe of the store and Sean’s mastery!  Stay tuned! 
Check out this video for more on Jack’s Abby.