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Owen Roe’s Abbot’s Table Wine

As anticipated, Owen Roe’s Abbot’s Table Wine will be arriving in early September. All that are familar with this wonderful wine will be flocking to the store. It goes quickly. We have ten cases (2 already accounted for) coming in, $25/bottle. Pre-orders are happening now. Call (or post) your pre-order. 496.3864.

“Abbot’s Table is a wine makers field blend of a variety of different grapes. This years blend has nine different varietals from Oregon and Washington State. It is simply put, so good.” Jack

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jack!
    Please save me two bottles. YUM!

  2. Candy Barr says:

    Fun to see the REAL snow conditions on your web cam.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looking for Lawson Beer (from Warren VT)? I have read that you have it in stock. In am from CT and hope to get there on Memorial day(no beer sales in CT on a holiday). Are there issues with Beer sales on a holiday in VT?



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