Seasonal Tastes

As we straddle the two seasons of summer and fall our taste in beer and wine and food, for that matter, are in a wonderful conflict. A refreshing summer wheat beer late in the afternoon gives way to a coffee stout in the evening. Is it no surprise that beer festivals, including the grand daddy of them all, Munich’s Oktoberfest, have their celebrations at this time of year? Here at the store our selection certainly offers choices for all tastes and seasonal changes. There are Lambics, Saisons or Farmhouse Ales, Stouts, Black IPAs and on and on in an endless stream of funky names and labels(check out Biscotti Break or Justin Blabaer, what?!?). And of course, there is Lawson’s Finest, Heady Topper and Double Dose IPA, a collaboration of Lawson’s Finest and Otter Creek brewery, which made a very brief appearance this fall. At the store we feel that we are at the epicenter of a Vermont ARTisanal beer movement that grows everyday. These days we are like a mini Munich! We toast all of the creativity, fun and sense of adventure that brewers from Vermont and beyond put into their craft. We’re delighted to represent so many of these ale alchemists at our store.

   I’ve been enjoying and learning from You Tube reviews from Erie Better Beer. Here’s a review of one of our favorites!