Mischievious March

” March is a tomboy with tossed hair, a mischievous smile, mud on her shoes
and a laugh in her voice.”
-Hal Borland

As the saying goes, “in like a lion and out like a lamb”. Apparently the
lion didn’t get the memo. Here we are on the cusp of springtime and 50
degrees after a winter which read with the haphazardness of an earthquake
seisometer. Up and down and all around with every conceivable weather
condition in between. The “tomboy” that is March sees to it that this month
continues the bizarre pattern of winter but offers us the tease and taunts of
warmer days.
And that’s how we’ll roll here at the store. In a leap of faith (and
springing ahead one hour on March 12!) we’ll be featuring our deck. Yes
there may be more snow and there’s nothing colder than a March blast, but we
are all a sturdy lot, no!? Every Wednesday through the month of March is
Deck Day. Stop by for lunch on the deck- sandwiches, soups, and specials
will be 15% off from 11 am- 3 pm.

Sign up for our “guess when the vestibule comes down”. Our funky little
ice fishing hut in front of the store has been synonymous with winter
starting and ending. Closest day and time gets lunch on the deck for free
and the honor of helping us put the damn thing back up in 3 months!

In the world of wine nothing says spring( and summer) like rose wines. I
have the nightmarish burden of attending a huge rose tasting at Arts Riot in
Burlington on March 8th and I always overdo it (purchasing that is). We’ll
be offering all of our new rose arrivals at 15% off throughout the month of

We should be getting this year’s maple syrup this month as well. We have
had the good fortune of working with the same syrup makers for decades and
we want to celebrate them, their efforts, and all things maple. We’ll be
having maple madness tastings on March 25th and 26th.

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on Friday March 16th with our traditional corned beef and cabbage special prepared by our very own Irish emerald, Colleen Mahony! Phil McBobrow will be laying in a little Guinness as well!

“Despite March’s windy reputation, winter isn’t really blown away- it is washed away. It flows down the hills and goes swirling down the
valleys…….It’s a wet world, winter’s harsh grip beginning to relax….”
“Washing Winter Away”- New York Times March 3rd, 1964

Kid’s Brook is roaring, a spring soundtrack, and our floors are starting to dry. Winter always beats up this old store- floor boards flipped up, door hinges squeaky and loose, and the ice and snow is retreating from the edges of the building. Time to take care and do a few small repairs and get ready for the next season. Ski in the morning- bike in the afternoon. Snow shovel in the morning- rake in the afternoon. Mud boots to flip flops and back. March!