October Outreach

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
-L.M. Montgomery

We are certainly blessed to live in a part of the world where nature
transforms itself so dramatically at this time of year. It certainly appears
that the blanket of color that sweeps over this beautiful state will be
taking it’s own sweet time! There’s plenty of summer green in the those
hills but we’re finally getting nipped by evening frosts and that should
trigger the magnificent color.

October is perhaps the quintessential country store month. Images of
warmth and comfort dance in our heads and perhaps the desire to add a bit of
winter weight! Warm sweaters, hot cider, maple pumpkin whoopie pies, rich
red wines, the wood stove getting back to the business at hand, and creative
comfort food- it’s a great time to be at the store!

We’ll be celebrating our Columbus Day Weekend with a variety of events-

The local Boy Scouts will be selling Buy Local Vermont coupon books at the store on Saturday October 7th from 11-3 and Sunday October 8th from 10-3. There are fantastic deals to be had and a great way to support our local Boy Scout troop and Vermont businesses throughout the state. Buy a
book and use the Warren Store coupon for a great deal on lunch- the book has
almost paid for itself!

The ever tenacious Andrew will be back on Sunday, October 8th to
sample out his Good Mix super food blend. Given Andrew’s energy I would say he
is his own ringing endorsement of how his cereal can transform!

Upstairs we’re delighted to have Tracey Medeiros back to sign copies of her new book, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook, from 11:30-1:30 on Sunday, October 8th. Stop by and hear from an expert about this interesting and controversial issue.

We just received copies of Ted Reinstein and Ann-Marie Dorning’s new
book, New England’s General Stores. Ted Reinstein is the voice and face of
the popular Chronicle program and he’s put together a collection of country
stores throughout New England that typify the charm, quirkiness,
eclecticism, and community outreach that are key in serving their friends
and surviving in the shadows of the big boys. We are delighted to have been
chosen as one of the stores in his fine book.

Is there a better symbol to bridge the summer and fall season than our
cider floats!! These are amazing- a scoop of maple or vanilla Kingdom
Creamery ice cream from Hardwick, Vermont and plenty of Cold Hollow cider
poured over it. We’ll have the spiced hot cider cranking as well!
October is certainly Apple month. We have a huge selection of assorted
hard ciders from all over Vermont including our good friend, Teddy Weber’s
Tin Hat cider. If you’re looking for a Mad River Valley cider with a
European approach to cider making this one is for you.
The bakery will be rolling out their apple pies and turnovers throughout
these next few weeks. Get here early or order ahead!

Upstairs is a lush and colorful Fall Happening! There is something
for everyone here this season from Tom Brady socks to Faux Fur reversible
jackets and just about everything in between! A new line for women, JOH, is
pretty cool and selling well with Faux Suede leggings, a long vest and
comfortable, casual hoodies in rich autumnal shades. The Schott leather
jackets for men are iconic, classy and not to be missed. Schott has a time
honored history as they made the CPO and Pea Coats for the US Navy. They are
responsible for the very cool leather jackets you see on your favorite media
stars as well: James Dean, Marlon Brando, Bruce Springsteen…
The Homegoods department has been refilled with Miya porcelain bowls
and lots of candles, snow globes and ornaments made of real maple leaves
dipped in metal. Cards for every occasion, as always.

We’re delighted to be one of the sponsors for the Warren PTO Trick or
Trot Running or Walking Race on Friday October 27th. We have rescheduled our
Warren School new parents ” meet and greet” coffee gathering to October 12th at 7:45 am. We’re delighted that the kids are back in school and commend Sugarbush, the Warren School faculty, parents, and those working on the school for navigating through a very difficult start of the school year.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the five star families and friends during this difficult time.

This month’s “right under our noses” location is Route 17 and Appalachian
Gap. Route 17 is enjoying a revival of sorts these days. Tucker Hill, the
Hyde Away, and Mad River Barn have redefined themselves and people are
noticing! Driving up Route 17 you can enjoy the foliage, grab a chairlift
ride or walk up one the ski trails or the Long Trail. Some of the most
beautiful sunsets I’ve seen are from the top of Appalachian Gap. And you’ll
always meet someone that you know up there- guaranteed!

“The end of summer is not the end of the world. Here’s to October!”
-A.A. Milne