Coffee by Carrier Roasting Co.

hIxAMkyr“In Vermont, if we can’t buy what we like, we make it ourselves.”

It’s this idea that leads us to start Carrier Roasting Co, a micro coffee roaster located in Central Vermont. Trying to find fresh roasted coffee in our rural state can be difficult. Occasionally you get lucky…but most often you’re stuck drinking coffee that was roasted months before you’re brewing it. When coffee sits for that long, it stales and takes on unpleasant bitter flavors. We don’t buy rotten fruits or vegetables, or meat that’s past the fresh date…so why suffer through coffee that’s past its prime?

All of our coffees are ethically sourced and purchased directly from the coffee farmer, ensuring prices paid make a positive impact on the lives of the farmers and their families. Creating direct relationships with farmers also means that we have access to the highest quality specialty coffee beans that contain extremely unique flavors specific to their origin.

Farmers work too hard to cover up their intentions by over-roasting, so we focus on roasting lighter which brings out the coffee’s full flavor potential. We also roast in small batches which allows us to pay close attention to how the coffee is roasting and ensures that the coffee you’re drinking at home is always fresh.

The Warren Store will be carrying their retail packages starting on Nov. 19th. Along with Sean Lawson’s collaboration beer using their coffee.