The 4th of July…by Jack

I wish that I kept a journal back in 1980. That was my first experience with the world famous Warren 4th of July celebration. Although the events are murky and I’m essentially a crazed water bug that day plugging holes in the dike of commerce and I miss a lot, there have been numerous iconic events – some too graphic to share in this blog. (Stop by the store and I’ll personally fill you in on those sordid stories!). For years Hap Gaylord would dress in his military uniform (it still fit him perfectly) and stand on one of the floats and greet everyone. To this day the highlight for me is the flyover and then the fly back over. All that power and speed! But I love the 4th because it’s a family reunion of sorts. Familiar faces, not so familiar faces, past store employees, all seem to succumb to a weird gravitational pull into Warren on the 4th. For that special day, the past, present and future collide in a wild and unique celebration of the valley, tradition and country. This is year 33 for me and it’s truly a labor of love.