New Year, New Sales

Lori here from Upstairs where the racks are thinning and the piles of empty hangers in the back room tell us how much inventory has been sold! Now we await the new “spring” merchandise as it will begin to arrive in the next few weeks. We have already received 5 new styles of Silver Jeans; back by popular demand. There ’s a fit for almost everyone in straight, skinny, boot cut, and now the renewed popularity of flares- remember bell-bottoms?


Second Yoga Jeans will be arriving soon, too. The palette of the new Wooden Ships sweaters echoes the colors of the winter sky in early afternoon: soft grey through blue and lavender, so pretty! So now it’s time for sales. We are putting more and more fall/winter merchandise on sale everyday. Kuhl outerwear for both men and women is now 40% and selling briskly. PJ’s are 20% off and the sale rack is full with discounts from 30-50%. Time to restock after a very busy Holiday shopping season, thank you all!

We would like to welcome Anna Mays to our crew. She is our new Administrator and her energy and enthusiasm is fun and contagious. She will be a great asset to our staff. Come up and say hello, she’ll be in the office weekdays.

” I’m hungry, I’m lonesome and life is a bore
But isn’t that what January is for?
Unable to laugh, no longer a riot
Happy New a year to all and to all a good diet!”