Style vs. Trend

I have been thinking a lot lately about the beautiful women I know that just seem to have a wonderful, individual sense of STYLE. They don’t necessarily follow fashion trends and they don’t always wear only new or designer clothing. They build their wardrobe like a prized art collection, a piece at a time, savoring cherished favorites like golden old friends.

The great thing about fashion nowadays is that anything goes, really, which supports the idea of “Style vs. Trend”. If your body type works better in longer lengths, wear them. Shorter lengths flatter some better than others. Bootcut jeans can work just as well as “skinnies”. Wear what suits your body, your mood and your STYLE.

I like to think of the clothes here at The Warren Store as building blocks to a better wardrobe. Everyday I hear someone say, “Some of my favorite, oldest things come from this store!” That makes me feel so good.
This year the fur and faux fur vests, jackets and coats are well worth collecting, as are the beautiful and functional Astis Mittens, handmade in the USA and fully waterproof and Polartec lined.

If you ever need help building a look or an outfit, I am always happy to help. Bring in a garment and we can pair it and accessorize it. You can find me upstairs most Mondays and Tuesdays and every other Saturday.