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Vert Mont Perfumery

Vert Mont Perfumery

Fragrance has always been a huge part of my life. Scent evokes memories. Whether it’s an apple pie in the oven or what used to be my favorite fragrance. Many years ago I noticed having a physical reaction to commercial scents. They were making me sick! After reading about the hormone interrupting carcinogens in lab produced perfumes my eyes were opened. I always dreamed about a botanical perfume company and decided to make it a reality. VERT MONT PERFUMERY was born right here in the Mad River Valley after years of study and research. We are a small batch perfume studio and apothecary that makes gender free perfume, skin, and body care with pure plant essences from around the world, which are wild-crafted, organic, or pesticide free. The Warren Store was our very first retail store and holds a special place in our heart. To learn more please visit www.vertmontperfumery.com.

Our guiding principle is to translate the magical language of plants into a human experience. Each of our fragrances have different intentions including anti anxiety, insect repelling, SAD, and many more. We simply create products that make you FEEL WONDERFUL AND SMELL AMAZING!

-Donna Charron Cristen


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