GoodMix Super Food


You may have seen an Australian selling birdseeds (actually called goodMix) around the Mad River Valley and beyond over the past year and a half. Andrew has migrated from Australia and is in the process of building a small business selling his naturopath sisters blend of nuts and seeds to the people of Vermont, he mixes his super nutritious goodMix products at the Mad River Food Hub and self distributes them throughout central Vermont as well as selling nationwide online. The Warren Store is one of his favourite venues as “the staff are great and the locals and tourists alike are very receptive” and it is so close to where he lives just up route 100 in Moretown.

Andrew was previously working as a helicopter pilot but when his girlfriend was offered a scholarship to attend St Michaels college in Burlington he thought that was too good of an opportunity for her to miss so he figured he could make goodMix work in VT after seeing such positive results from his sisters operation in Australia. “It can take a bit of selling as people aren’t used to buying what looks like birdseed” , but once people give it a try many appreciate the benefits and become regular customers. The benefits are as follows.

The 11 ingredients promote bacterial diversity in the gut flora, which is agreed upon by many medical professionals to be very beneficial to our overall health, no other product will have 11 whole food unprocessed ingredients and zero added sweeteners.

To get the maximum benefit you should moisten the mix overnight. This will trigger the germination process and the seeds will begin to come to life and release nutrients and live enzymes which are beneficial to our digestive process. This breaks down the seed’s natural protective coating (phytic acid) which is designed to pass the seeds through us in order to spread.

Many of the ingredients are very high in prebiotic fiber which travels all the way through to the large intestine where the majority of our good gut bacteria live and thrive on the fiber.

It has helped hundreds of people with serious digestive disorders simply by eating around ¼ cup every day!

Give it a try, you never know it could be your new favourite food, the most popular ways to enjoy goodMix are with fruit and yogurt or with your overnight oats for breakfast, in smoothies, salads, many even like to bake with it.

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