Lincoln Peak Vineyard



Lately Vermont wines have really been toiling under the shadow of the booming artisanal beer movement but not without its rewards. I’ve been going over to Lincoln Peak Vineyard in New Haven recently and have been very impressed by their wines, their culture and approach to wine, their hospitality and their popular music series! They have put together 12 acres of cold hardy grape varietals that are producing some really interesting wines. Their Marquette is a perennial winner in cool climate wine competitions. Other non-household names include grape varietals such as Prairie Star, Louise Swenson, La Crescent, and Frontenac. I believe these are some of the best wines coming out of Vermont today. We’ll be carrying many of their wines, which are usually only available at the winery, at The Warren Store. Check out their Friday summer series, grab a bunch of picnic supplies here at the store and head over the gap. And you can buy a bottle or growler there to enjoy with your picnic!