Vineyard Sound Herbs

Hello Herb Enthusiasts,

Plants are here to guide us through our lives and assist us when we have or the environment around us has disrupted our balance and health.  They are supportive whether we are trying to maintain health or seek a compliment to our regular health care to make the day more pleasant through baths, aroma, massage or cup of tea.

Vineyard Sound Herbs began in 1987 as a organic plant nursery offering a unique variety of  medicinal, culinary , craft and folklore plants on the North Shore of Martha’s Vineyard Island. This grew into the Island’s Herbal Center with a store 7 miles down island in Vineyard Haven, offering the organic potted Herbs and their products: fresh, dried for teas and crafts, extracts and oils as well as a large collection of books for sale and lending.  Workshops by local and national known naturalists and herbalists were held at the shop, field, forest, farm, community centers and schools. In 2005 Vineyard sound Herbs moved to Vermont in to a cabin mountain setting.

Whether you want to scent and disinfect a room, plan a garden, celebrate or heal with herbs, Heidi and the plants are here to guide you through choosing what is best for you. Custom teas, oils, tinctures and balms are their specialty.