Wonderful Warren

BIRDSRobins, red winged blackbirds, crocuses popping through, confused skunks and foxes crossing the roads. The natural world certainly got the green light. Signs are everywhere and they have been for awhile. What a year and what a special time of the year April is. Make no mistake – the biggest snowstorm of the season could still be lurking out there but these mild days, with minimal mud, suit me just fine!

“April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.”

-Christopher Morley

A measure of spring for many is when we take down the vestibule, our protective hood around the front door. Any day now! If you happen to be at the store when it’s coming down you’ll get free coffee but we might ask you for help!

Spring is great but it does reveal winter’s residue. Dust, dirt, leaves, more dust. I know everyone will be busy taking care of cleaning and readying for the warm months ahead – we will too – and the deck at the store is the perfect place to have lunch, take a breather or ride to after dusting off the bike and giving it that first test ride.

Colleen is preparing a new sandwich and it’s going to be a beauty. Local bread, local greens, local bacon, local maple infused cheese. Come in and give it a name. If we like it, we’ll use it and you’ll be the first to try it out – on us!

Beginning on April 2nd and continuing every first Saturday of the month RAD (Relocating Abandoned Dogs) will be bringing over a dog or two to find a happy home for them here in the valley. The store will be sponsoring their noble efforts. Come by around 11 a.m. and meet your new family member!

I’ve gone overboard with rose wine purchases this year. I know – I say this every spring – but there simply were too many good ones out there. Over these next few weeks pink wine are coming in to the store in a steady stream. The perfect warm weather wine – I know people that add a bit of seltzer to it to bubble it up. It’s all good!

We are very pleased to be part of Chronicle’s piece on New England country stores. You can see the show, which is broken into 4 segments on Chronicle’s website at Boston’s Channel 5 news station, WCVB. There are a lot of great country stores out there and there are lots of innovative and fun approaches that owners take to make their community centers vibrant and sustainable. Check them out – it’s shopping with soul!


 video 1  video 2  video 3  video 4

You can now hear the Warren Store advertising on radio stations WDEV and the ONE, 101.7. I’ll be doing a weekly call in segment once a week as well. Time and day to be determined. I hope I have something to talk about!

“An optimist is the human personification of spring.”

-Susan Bissonette

This month’s “right under our noses” feature is a bit different. Instead of a business or place, I’ve chosen a culture. Music in the valley. Everyone plays something. Everyone appreciates music and there’s a lot of talent living in the hills. There are two relatively new Facebook pages devoted to the Mad River music scene, Mad River Music Alliance and Mad River Music Scene. Whenever I hear someone talk about the lack of entertainment in the valley, I steer them here. There’s open mike sessions, Jazz on Wednesdays at the Big Picture, musicals at Harwood and on and on. Shawn at Castlerock keeps us updated on what’s happening on the hill. Enjoy the vibrant music scene that’s happening now. Your neighbors are more talented than you might know!

The first day of spring is one thing and the first spring day is another. Enjoy the month and whatever it throws at us. We’ve all gotten pretty good at that!

To the best and most resilient customers in the world!