Warren Store Closing

St Patrick’s Day is usually a proclamation for the “Luck of the Irish”. Unfortunately that rainbow and the pot of gold at the end of it won’t be showing up today or anytime soon.

In this very weird and anxious time of distancing ourselves physically we need to remind ourselves not to distance ourselves emotionally. We all need to get our hands dirty, figuratively speaking, and work together to keep the community we live in safe and make sure no one falls through the cracks.

To that end the Warren Store will close on Tuesday afternoon until it’s determined when the epidemic is at a manageable level that we can open and operate safely. If you are felling well, we hope that you stop by on Tuesday to grab some of Colleen’s Corned Beef and Cabbage, which will be packed to go.

Our thanks and a big shout out to those businesses that continue to stay open and serve and for the many individuals who give of their time, energy and expertise to help others.

We live in an amazing place. We’ll keep you updated on Facebook, Instagram and our website. www.warrenstore.com

Be safe, be well, be kind.