Need last-minute ingredients to keep your family going, like eggs, milk, sugar, flour, and cold drinks? We’ve got your back. Think of us as your friendly next-door neighbor, just with a better selection. And no guilt. We stock the basics like whole, 2% and skim milk, granulated sugar and brown, a varied selection of cooler drinks, King Arthur Baking flour, local yogurt and cheeses, fresh-daily Red Hen bread, a selection of pasta and sauces to put on it, plus seasonal vegetables from local farms but always potatoes, onions and garlic, a full selection of flavorful condiments, and a selection of hot sauces (many Vermont-made), and jams and jellies aplenty.

Warren Store - Local Country Store Groceries and Essentials

Although it can’t be described as an essential (except maybe by kids), we have a wide selection of penny candy, none of which costs just a penny anymore.